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Ruffing parents are tremendously talented, generous with their time and talents, and hail from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Ruffing is a source of support and education for parents and we take seriously our role to assist families to gain greater knowledge of the growth and development of their child.

Parent Education

Ruffing is committed to supporting its parent community and to providing opportunities to learn about Ruffing’s programs and curriculum. Ruffing hosts specific classroom or grade level programs to help parents understand the Montessori classroom and the stages of intellectual growth in their children. Orientation evenings at the beginning of the year give parents an overview of the expectations and areas of focus for the year. Curriculum information meetings in the winter/early spring offer deeper understanding of the skills and subject areas. Also, parent-teacher conferences are individual meetings, held twice a year, where parents and teachers discuss the progress and plans for their student.

Ruffing also takes seriously its role as a resource for parents in the important work of raising children. The school provides numerous opportunities for families to gain greater knowledge of the growth and development of their child and the education he/she is receiving. Ruffing’s Parenting Toolbox Lecture Series (PTLS), coordinated by Ruffing’s Parent Association, showcases 4-5 speakers a year.  Such speakers are typically experts on child behavior and development, or on social issues facing our children. The interactive discussions are well attended and give parents an opportunity to exchange ideas and prepare for their child’s next stage in “growing up.” Further to the goal of providing educational resources, Ruffing has a Parent Lending Library consisting of a collection of books on Montessori education, child development and parenting issues.

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Parent Association

Ruffing’s Parent Association (“PA”) was established in 2001 to encourage parent involvement in the school and to provide social and educational opportunities. The PA provides an active means for parents to participate in the life of the school through volunteer activities and social events. The PA (of which all Ruffing parents are members) is managed by a parent board and is fiscally self-sustaining. Any money raised is utilized to fund the many events coordinated by the PA, with the excess donated back to the school.

Ruffing PA events and activities are inspired, implemented and sustained by our school community. These events are defined by the varied interests and skills of our unique parent community and include annual traditions, such as the Pumpkin Party, Parent Wine and Cheese Gathering, International Day, Book Fair & Holiday Bazaar, Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day, and the Great Kids’ Race.

In addition to our many school events, the PA provides volunteer support to Ruffing’s faculty and staff in the form of Class Parents.  Class Parents coordinate volunteers to assist with classroom needs, school trips, class events and even administrative support.  For example, Ruffing’s Admissions office relies on parent volunteers to staff Open Houses and to provide mentoring to newly enrolled families. Similarly, the Development office utilizes PA volunteers to assist with its annual giving effort, as well to provide key leadership and assistance in planning and executing Ruffing’s annual Spring Benefit.


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