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A Whole School for the Whole Child.¬†Ruffing Montessori School has a tradition of excellence – in fine faculty, in students’ preparation for the next educational experience, in national Montessori school leadership, and now in school facilities.

A major construction project, completed in 2007, transformed and unified the school physically, environmentally and functionally. Previously, a grouping of contiguous but unconnected buildings, as a result of the renovation, the school now operates more effectively with all levels and classrooms organized under one roof. The unique feature of this project was the decision to follow “green” building processes in almost every aspect of construction.

The project was financed through a bond revenue program of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, a line of credit and a $1 million capital campaign. The campaign was completed in 2008 through gifts from Parents, Grandparents, Faculty and Staff, Alumni, Parents of Alumni and Friends of the School. A beautiful donor plaque at the entrance recognizes the generosity of the Campaign supporters. It is a unique work of art, created by Gregory Aliberti, a tile artist and current parent, to celebrate the school’s architecture and verdant campus.

The exciting redevelopment of the Ruffing Montessori School campus is complete and our “green” school is bigger, better and healthier for all. In addition to redesigning, improving and updating the school, we have used a construction process that encourages design and construction practices for improved air quality, more use of natural light, reduced water consumption, use of bio-based materials, recycled and reused materials and reduction in fossil fuel consumption for heating and cooling.

What is new at Ruffing?

  • Middle School renovation project
  • Replaced or fully renovated all classrooms
  • Added a Toddler Community
  • Created logical organization of space by use and age of child
  • Placed all parts of the school under one roof.
  • Built new, centrally-located Administrative Offices
  • Established a safer, more secure facility

What is “Green” at Ruffing?

  • Created a Stormwater Learning Lab to teach about sustainable stormwater management
  • Bioretention cells, or rain gardens, to retain and clean rainwater before it enters the storm sewer system
  • Cistern and hand pump to capture, store, and reuse rainwater in classroom gardens
  • Permeable pavers in our parking lot to slow drainage and clean rainwater
  • Decision to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification to adhere to highest environmental practices
  • Geo-thermal heating
  • Light tubes to bring in as much natural light as possible
  • Optimal levels of insulation, glazing and shading
  • High efficiency heating and cooling
  • Non-toxic materials and products, high in recycled content
  • Natural ventilation
  • Landscape and exterior design to reduce heat islands
  • Storm water management
  • Light pollution reduction
  • Low-emitting materials, such as carpets and paint
  • Water efficient landscaping
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