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The Montessori Advantage

Being an alumnus of a Montessori school places you in very good company. Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Wales, and Yo-Yo Ma of Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and a fairly good cellist, respectively, all have something in common – a Montessori education. You each share an even stronger connection, however, through your Ruffing experience. When meeting Ruffing alumni, it is always impressive to note the diversity in interests, fields of study and careers. Even more impressive, however, is the commonality shared by Ruffing graduates – poise, innovative attitudes, confidence, and a sense of purpose, social justice, and productivity.

Although you have journeyed far beyond the stone wall, you remain intrinsically connected to Ruffing through your shared experiences, friendships and memories. We invite you to re-connect with Ruffing by visiting our new campus, sharing your news and keeping us in mind for student experiences or strategic partnerships in the future.

Share Your News

We want to hear from you! Please keep Ruffing updated on your school and career choices and family information. It is easy to do – through Ruffing’s Facebook page or by contacting Ashley Gelman, Director of Development & Alumni Relations.

Help us Find Lost Alumni!

Ruffing alumni are constantly on the move – and we need your help!  We have a sizable list of alumni with whom we have lost contact and would appreciate your help updating our information. Please contact Ashley Gelman, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, with any updates you may have.

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