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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many strong schools in Cleveland, why should we consider Ruffing Montessori School?

As a parent, we all hope to find the “best” school for our child, but what does that really mean? Parents are educated consumers and are searching for more meaningful measures than simply reputation or test scores. Most parents aspire to find a school that nurtures and encourages each child, strengthening and challenging their child’s academic abilities while fostering independence and self-esteem. Ruffing is such a school, where children are well-prepared for the journey of life-long learning.

Specifically, Ruffing is a Montessori school serving approximately 335 children, ranging in age from 18 months through the eighth grade. Located in Cleveland Heights, Ruffing offers a distinctive Montessori approach to education. Ruffing recently completed the redevelopment of its campus, resulting in a newly constructed “green” building with bright and spacious classroom space specifically designed and constructed following Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to optimize the Montessori learning environment. The entire Ruffing community is dedicated to educating the whole child.

What is the Montessori philosophy?

In short, a Montessori education prepares children for the journey of life-long learning. The Montessori philosophy balances freedom with responsibility, setting high standards of intellectual, social and moral development, and is firmly rooted in the developmental stages of children. Children inherently enjoy learning, which Montessori embraces through the prepared environment of Montessori materials, trained teachers who guide children to learn at their own individual pace, and an interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizing learning through the five senses.

What high schools do Ruffing graduates attend?

Our graduates matriculate to the following schools:

Beaumont School Lawrence School
Benedictine School The Montessori High School
Cleveland Heights High School Orange High School
Gilmour Academy Shaker Heights High School
Hathaway Brown School St. Edwards School
Hawken School St. Ignatius School
Kenston High School University School
Laurel School Western Reserve Academy

How do Ruffing students transition to traditional school environments?

Ruffing students easily transition to more traditional school environments and are eagerly accepted to the independent and parochial schools of their choice. Our students graduate with strong foundations in humanities, language and writing, mathematics, science, geography, foreign language (including Latin), art and music. The rigorous academic curriculum is complimented by in-depth research projects, oral presentations and experiential learning, all of which translate into valuable real-life skills. Yet it is how our students demonstrate a love of learning and a deep sense of community and compassion that sets our students apart. For all of these reasons, Ruffing students are well-prepared for the rigors of high school, college and beyond.

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