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Head of School Search Committee Members

Rebecca Holland, Co-Chair and Trustee Emerita

Craig Nard, Co-Chair and Trustee

Dan Coyle, Parent

Kathie Freer, Middle School Director

Steve Killpack, Trustee

Erin Mandalfino, Children’s House Directress


Head of School Search Firm: Independent Thinking

Independent Thinking (IT), a well-recognized firm specializing in the identification and recruitment of independent school heads, particularly for mission-driven schools, emerged as the Board of Trustee’s choice for Ruffing’s Head of School search.

Fourteen years ago, IT was created to better meet the needs of schools and individuals searching for administrator positions. IT’s team is comprised of former independent school administrators and teachers, and has been successfully partnering with schools since 2000 in the areas of administrator searches and program assessment.


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