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Music is for everyone and children love to be INVOLVED in all aspects of the music experience: playing instruments, singing, dancing, moving creatively, listening, learning about how music is put together, and, of course, creating their own music.

At each level, Ruffing students learn about music through experiencing each aspect of the musical process. There are three philosophies and methodologies used in teaching music at Ruffing. They are integrated into each lesson and used in a unified way to provide the children with maximum experience and information.

Eurhythmics/Dalcroze Method

The Eurhythmics/Dalcroze Method guides students to experience the elements of music such as rhythm and melody through sequenced movements led by the teacher. This process is helpful for separating beat from rhythm, helping students to feel phrasing and melody, and creating an atmosphere of musical independence and creative expression that is unique to each child. The class is set up so that students perceive and respond to variations in the music thus internalizing relationships in the music. Their response is total: mind, body, ears, eyes, feelings. These experiences lead to music reading and performing.

Orff-Schulwerk Process

The Orff-Schulwerk Process involves the child in a total musical experience: singing, speech, movement, instrument playing, drama, pitched and non-rhythmic and melodic ostinati (repeated patterns). Each of these elements enhance musical concepts and help children’s creativity in facilitating improvisation and composition.

Kodaly Method

The Kodaly Method is focused on the melodic and rhythmic aspects of music making and is analytic in nature. The process relates to singing with solfege (do, re, mi, etc.), learning hand signals for the tones of the scale, ear training, sightseeing, part singing and greater melodic awareness. It also uses syllables for speaking and analyzing the rhythms used in our music (ta=quarter note, etc.).


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