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Children are Experts When it Comes to Learning Languages.


Ruffing’s curriculum emphasizes language, not only as a tool of communication, but also as a means of developing an awareness of, and appreciation for, people of other cultures. From our youngest (age 18 months) to our oldest (8th grade), Ruffing students are consciously and consistently exposed to world languages and culture. Spanish is the primary language offered, with Latin taught to grades 6, 7 and 8 and French offered as an additional option in the Middle School.


Spanish begins in the Toddler Community and continues through the 8th grade. For our younger students, Spanish classes are conducted in Spanish with an emphasis on vocabulary, speaking and listening. As students progress through the curriculum, classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, with a focus on reading and writing. Cultural components are woven into language lessons and are reinforced through pantomime, games, songs and rhymes. Depending on the age, level and /or grade, classes meet from one to four times a week.


Middle School students have the option of studying French instead of Spanish, in addition to Latin. French classes are conducted entirely in French. Classes meet four times a week for forty-five minute lessons. Current events, proverbs, idiomatic expressions, and a cultural vignette are presented daily at the start of class.

While listening and speaking continue to be assessed, reading and writing are strongly reinforced. The program utilizes outcome based and communicative methodologies. French children’s books, films, music, poetry, games and magazines provide important cultural context to our students. The Middle School performs a French play for the school in early spring.

Field trips to French plays and art exhibits complement our class work when available. Students prepare French foods in mini cooking classes conducted in French. When possible, eighth grade trips are planned to French-speaking countries or provinces, such as La Ville du Québec and Montréal. Students are encouraged to participate in La Maison Française, a social and academic organization for French speakers in the Cleveland area.


Latin is introduced and required in grades 6, 7 and 8. The study of Latin is based on the reading course presented in the Cambridge Latin Course. The CLC’s major objectives are to teach the comprehension of the language through practice in reading it, and to learn the social and political history of the Romans during the first century A.D. The focus is on vocabulary, reading and translation.

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