About Ruffing : Board of Trustees

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Ruffing Montessori School is operated by the Fairmount Montessori Association and governed by a Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees 2017-2018

Amy Pinkerton, President

Steve Killpack, Vice-President

Mary Pat Lammers, Secretary

Hugh Slater, Treasurer

John Newman, Officer-at-Large

Natalie Bluestone
Kara Brogan
Avery Chenin
Dan Coyle
Rakesh Engineer
Michael Hobey
George Holt
Michelle Kolbe

Faculty Representatives
Kathie Freer, Middle School Director
Liesl Stalzer-Callahan, Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher
Justin Caldwell, Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Trustees Emeriti
Julie Comber-Martin
William Gaskill
Rebecca Holland
Teresa Karlovec
Charlotte Newman
Michael Shaut


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